Hervormen van laminaria zeewier / Kaija Kiuru

Forming Laminaria

In addition to photographing plants and the environment in all places we have visited during this month, I have also worked with Laminaria . When you walk by the sea you cannot miss seaweeds. Some of them just washed up to the beach, some have been lying there for a long time.  Especially the ones which are old inspire me a lot. Their dry and dark stalks and holdfasts  which anchor them to the rock and cliffs are like the roots of trees. Their shiny blades sometimes feel like leather. The dry and translucent blades with dark and light shades of color look so fragile.

I am not completly sure, but I think the seaweed I’m working with is oarweed: Laminaria digitata. It can also be Laminaria hyperborea. But in any case it is a kelp in the family Laminariaceae, belonging to the genus Laminaria.  It is a member of the brown algae group and it is said to be a very healthy food.

I have photographed, drawn and reformed the Laminaria. I sawed, drilled and fastened them in new ways together. I admire the beauty of seaweeds.